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Planet Earth in Human Hands

 Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Accomplishing sustainability for our modern world, and all things we value, may be humanities greatest social challenge.

To endure, we must recognize and reconcile competing environmental, social equity and economic demands. Success will require a synthesis of international and national law, of urban and transport planning, of adjustments to individual lifestyles and increase in local cooperation,  and the new practice of ethical consumerism

Sea Kind’s Commitment

Sea Kind fulfills its role in supporting sustainability by adopting ethical consumerism.  Sea Kind endeavors to create a business that promotes individual health, social equity and global responsibility. We will always seek better ways to improve our products and better solutions to reduce their environmental impact through new ideas and new innovations.

Our vision and commitment to sustainability include:

• Reduce the presence of toxic chemicals in our environment through the use of 100% natural ingredients in our products.

• Choose our suppliers and manufacturers by their commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes eliminating toxic pollution.

• Source ingredients and manufacturing as locally as possible to minimize the impact of overseas shipping and ground transportation which reduces CO2 emissions in our seas and air.

• Use suppliers and manufacturers who follow fair trade and living wage policies.

• Conserve natural resources by encouraging recycling, re-use, re-purpose and minimizing waste.

• Educate consumers on purchasing choices and the simple ways that they can help establish sustainable commerce.

• Encourage and promote the concept of social equity by giving back to the Seas in proportion to what we take from them through our 2 % of gross revenue contribution to our Sea Conservation Mission Partners.

Every purchase of a Sea Kind product is an endorsement by the consumer of our commitment to promote and follow a sustainable lifestyle for our beautiful blue planet.