Elysium Perfecting Anti-Aging Serum – 1 oz


Elysium has the highest concentration available today of Marine Actives extracts derived from algae, micro-nutrients and sea plants fermented to provide unmatched restorative powers. The Marine Actives ingredients in Elysium Serum are proprietary extracts of glacial algae from Antarctica, sea micro-nutrients from Douarnenez Bay in Brittany and sea plants from the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Through the fermentation process these amazing, wild extracts are transformed into the most powerful ingredient of any skin care product in the marketplace today.


  • Both laboratory and volunteer tests confirm that Elysium is the most effective serum for improving skin hydration, firmness, resilience, complexion, and smoothness.
  • Elysium stimulates hydration with Hyaluronic and Glucuronic Amino Acids by 36.8% within 2 hours and 37.2% after 20 days.
  • Elysium increases Type I collagen for skin firmness by 34% in 48 hours
  • Elysium increases skin elastin for more resilient skin by 16.3% within 7 days and 31.5% after 15 days.
  • Elysium improves skins optical density for perfect complexion by 36.1 % in 7 days and 81.5% after 15 days.
  • Elysium reduces skin roughness creating softer skin by 11.1 % in 2 hours and 9.3% after 20 days.


Elysium ingredients are EWG Verified as healthful. Daily use of Elysium Perfecting Serum guarantees your complexion will boast glowing and vibrant skin.


Additional information

Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions3 x 3 x 6 in


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