Giving Back

The Sea Kind Mission is to harvest from the sea renewable resources which enhance our client’s lives while contributing to protecting and sustaining the seas.

Mission Commitment

Sea King accomplishes its mission by:

  • Including highly effective ingredients derived from the seas in each of its products.
  • Utilizing the most environmentally compatible product processing and packaging available.
  • Contributing 2% of gross revenues to non-profit organizations actively working to protect the seas.
  • Educating its clients and the public regarding issues relating to protecting and sustaining the seas.

Sea Kind Vision

Sea Kind believes is that consumers make a difference. Consumer choices influence what companies will produce and how they will produce them.

This revolution by consumers has already achieved much in the food market. The era of chemically prepared food is coming to an end. More organic and natural products are available then has been the case for many years.

The personal care products industry has been slow to adopt these changes. Carcinogens and toxic ingredients are common. This must change. As consumers demand products free from toxins and made with natural ingredients companies will provide them. As consumers demand that companies respect the environment and give back in proportion to what they take, companies will do so.

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit organization leading the effort for transparency and objective standards relating to toxic ingredients in skin care products through their Skin Deep Database. They have launched the EWG VERIFIED™ mark program to identify products which meet the highest ingredient standards. Sea Kind is proud to participate in the program and to have its products earn the EWG VERIFIED™ mark.

The Vision of Sea Kind is to be a leader among responsible personal care product manufacturers. Sea-kind products will meet high standards. These include the following:

  • Be effective products.
  • Be natural using marine-derived active ingredients known for being beneficial to the skin.
  • Be packaged using materials which have been recycled or are readily recyclable.
  • Be made in the USA pursuant to enforceable standards of quality and purity and under safe and fair working conditions all of which minimizes the carbon effect of production and shipping to customers.

2% Give Back

Sea-Kind completes its Vision by giving back in proportion to what it takes. Our 2% Give Back Program applies to all Sea-Kind revenue, not only profits. This program sets the new standard for company responsibility.