Source of Beautiful Skin

Scientific research indicates that the earliest living cells emerged from the Sea. Once we recognize the seas as the original source of life, the continuing similarities between ocean waters, sea plants, and microalgae with human fluid and skin cells becomes essential and obvious. Since live cells originated within the sea, it is logical that sea water contains the nutrients and minerals required to maintain youthful skin.

An article in Skin Magazine titled The Future of Skin Care provides a valuable overview of the relationship between skin cells and the nutrients provided by sea plant extracts. The article describes how “sea plants absorb and concentrate nutrients beneficial to the human body.” The growth of marine biotechnology science has made these nutrients, not accessible from any land-based source, available for our skin cells through the development of highly potent sea plant and micro-algae extracts. Read the full article here.

“Researchers have noted the similarities between human skin and various seaweed species, and have found ways to use marine extracts to improve many skin conditions.”

Skin Magazine, The Future of Skin Care

The article Marine Ingredients In Cosmeceuticals published in Inside Cosmeceuticals also concludes that “seaweeds have exceptional properties for protection and enrichment of skin.” The science behind the use of sea plant and algae extracts is described in detail. The evidence is overwhelming. Read the full article here.

Marine Based Skin Care Products

The unique benefits of sea plant extracts have been clearly established and recognized for many years. Some very well known and highly-prized product lines are based upon marine-derived extracts. These products include La Mer™ and Repêchage™.

Now Sea Kind revolutionizes the use of sea plant extracts with its line of Marine Actives ingredients. Each Sea Kind product is created with the following stringent standards:

  • Each product includes several Marine Actives sea plant, algae and marine micro-organism ingredients balanced to provide effective results.
  • Each Marine Actives ingredient included is specifically suited to achieve the results for which the particular product is intended.
  • Each ingredient is included with the highest concentration to assure maximum potency.
  • Each product formulation is based upon natural ingredients without the use of petrochemicals or animal testing
  • Sea Kind now has many products that are EWG VERIFIED™. This means these products avoid EWG’s ingredients of concern. This designation also means Sea Kind is committed to full transparency and it operates under good manufacturing practices.

Only Sea Kind offers these highly effective Marine Actives based products at affordable prices.

Marine Actives Science

Beauty Built on Science

Prepare to be Amazed!

The benefits of the Marine Actives ingredients in every Sea Kind product are based on science and confirmed with In Vitro laboratory tests and In Vivo volunteer studies. Examine the scientific research papers supporting our amazing Marine Actives ingredients:

Marine Actives-AN:

Antarctica derived glacial micro-nutrients promote the growth of collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and significantly minimize skin roughness. Increased production of skin elastin keeps skin resilient. The result is firm, youthful and smooth skin. Study the Research.

Marine Actives-HN:

Fermented extracts from sea plants harvested off the coast of Brittany dramatically increase induction of Hyaluronic Acid. HA is essential for skin hydration and firmness and is the key to anti-aging properties. Study the Research.

Marine Actives-HD:

Fermented micro-nutrients harvested in the Douarnenez Bay of Northern France provide deep skin hydration for intense anti-wrinkle effect and long-term moisture retention. Study the Research.

Marine Actives-SC:

Fermented extracts from Antarctica dramatically increase induction of collagen and improve skin texture. Visible results include reduction of difficult lip wrinkles. Study the Research.

Ascophyllym Nodosum; Chondrus Crispus; Fucus Vesiculosus; Laminaria Digitata:

Sea Plant extracts sustainably harvested in the Bay of Fundy. These extracts are renown for increasing skin hydration and reducing irritation. Study the Research.