Giving Back

Beauty Built on Science

The seas are incredibly loving to us. Our Seas give abundantly to everyone: cleaner air, abundant food, and unique medicines.

For Sea Kind the seas are the source of our amazing Marine Actives ingredients. All Sea-Kind products benefit from and are more effective because of these marine-derived active ingredients.

But are we good friends to our BFF? Not as good friends as we should be.

Sea Kind is mindful that this unique ecosystem now faces unprecedented threats. The United Nations has identified the three greatest threats to the world’s seas as:

  • Pollution from land-based sources.
  • Overexploitation of living marine resources.
  • Physical alteration or destruction of marine habitats.

In addition, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has identified increased acidification of the seas resulting from greenhouse gas emissions as another growing threat.

It is time for us to Give Back to the Seas the love they deserve.

2% Give Back

Sea-Kind gives back to the Seas in appreciation and kindness for what we take. We do this through our 2% Give Back donation program. Each quarter 2% of all Sea-Kind revenue, without regard to profits, is distributed to organizations dedicated to conserving the Sea.

Sea-Kind donations go to organizations which educate the public regarding these threats and which support programs to alleviate these issues. These mission partners are among the leaders in sea conservation efforts. They provide abundant proof that Conservation Works.

Follow Julie’s blog, Spoutings, to learn more about these issues, about successes, and about the organizations we choose to support.