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Sea Kind Giving Back



All of Sea Kind products are packed with beneficial active ingredients which are marine derived. The sea plants used for our extracts are sustainably hand harvested from small boats in the Bay of Fundy. The depth to which any plant is trimmed, the time of harvest and the amount of harvest are all carefully controlled. 

Sea-Kind is mindful that the seas are facing unprecedented threats. The United Nations has identified three threats to the world’s seas as: 

• pollution from land-based and sea shipping sources,

• overexploitation of living marine resources

• physical alteration or destruction of marine habitats

Today the Seas face an even greater threat which the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has identified as increased acidification caused by green-house gas emissions.

2% Give Back

Due to threats facing the Seas today, we believe that sustainable practices are not enough. Therefore Sea Kind has established its Give Back Program. Sea Kind gives back 2% of its revenue in appreciation and kindness for what the Sea gives to us. We believe that giving back should be a universal cost of doing business.   

Each month 2% of all Sea Kind revenue, without regard to profits, is given to sea research, conservation and educational organizations. Follow Julie’s blog, Spoutings, to learn more about these issues, successes, innovative solutions and the organizations we choose to support.