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Laminaria Sea Plant

Why Natural?

Medical Science now knows that many substances are absorbed into our body directly through our skin. Transdermal applications, such as the nicotine patch, are now routinely used for the administration of medical dosage.

It is equally clear that the ingredients in body, skin, and hair care products enter our bodies through transdermal absorption.

Unfortunately over the years body, skin, face, body and hair care products have on a large scale basis been manufactured with artificially created chemical ingredients. These artificial ingredients have been added to products because they are cheaper, may have some short term enhancing effects to the skin, and can extend shelf life to as long as five years.

However the long term effects to the body from these artificial ingredients has proven to be hazardous in many cases. Some have been proven to be carcinogens.  Other negatively impact human hormones. The result is that different types of beauty products have come under consumer and governmental scrutiny for their questionable ingredients.

Recent reports and news on harmful ingredients in personal care products include the following

“Online letter writing campaign urging largest national retailer to remove Quaternium -15 , which releases formaldehyde over time and creates sudsy foam,  from all baby products.“

“Watchdog group sues and plans to sue hundreds of companies including retailers for not including warning labels on personal care products containing the recently declared ( Agency for Research on Cancer)  potential carcinogen  cocamide diethanolamin, also known as cocamide DEA.“

“The Breast Cancer Fund lists on its website numerous endocrine disrupting chemicals which increase the risk of cancer. These commonly used chemicals in personal care products include phlalates, Parabens, and hormones.“

“Triclosan, a commonly used chemical found in soaps as an antibacterial has recently been found to impair muscle functions. Recent studies in the lakes of Minnesota show triclosan breaking down into toxic dioxin, poisoning to the environmoent.It is now being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration who are expected to deliver a report later this year.“

In addition to the harmful effects on humans many of the chemicals and ingredients used in personal care products are having toxic effects on our seas and water. In 2013, a team of researcher discovered that micro sized plastic balls commonly used in facial and body scrubs are being ingested by fish. These particles cause internal blockage, potentially move up the food chain and remain in the environment for up to 50 years.

Sea Kind products are all 100 % natural ingredients including the fragrance, and presented in recyclable packaging. For more information see our ingredients page and follow our blog, Spoutings.

Consumers have the power to change the world by their purchasing decisions. The market place and the investors will follow the consumer. Please choose 100% natural, for you and for our Beautiful Blue Planet.